A Podcast Series with Dr. Cook & Dr. Iqbal Mirza: A Discussion On the Advances In Anesthesia, Medicine & More.

Listen in as Dr. Cook talks with his longtime friend and colleague, Dr. Iqbal Mirza about his experience on the front lines of treating COVID 19 patients in a hospital setting.  

Dr. Mirza, despite being in a high risk category for contracting COVID 19 himself, made the clear decision that he wanted to continue to work during the pandemic. “This is what I signed up for. This is what my whole career has been about. I feel this is my calling.” 

As fellow anesthesiologists, they also explore advances in anesthesia and medicine that help them do an even better job of managing the risk and safety of their patients; their number one priority. They share their personal experience and learnings, treating patients in different settings under the current climate. 

Inspired by the late Sir William Osler, considered by many the father of modern medicine, both Dr. Cook and Dr. Mirza share a commitment to learning new things every day that will make them better doctors. “If every day a physician is not a student, he is no longer a physician”. – Sr. William Osler

This and more as Dr. Cook and Dr. Mirza speak authentically about their experiences as physicians.