A Virtual Fireside Chat Episode with TV Host, Writer & Producer Dave Aizer (Recorded May 10, 2020)

Dr. Cook sits with American TV Host, Writer and Producer Dave Aizer and welcomes pointers around public speaking, in the quest to becoming the next Howard Stern of Podcasts. 

“When you can let go of everything you feel you have to do perfect and you just exist, that’s when creativity starts flowing,” says Aizer. Dr. Cook shares that he\’s applying the same concept in his practice when coaching members of his team who experience anxiety and stress. 

Listen in as Aizer also shares more about the symptom known as “Imposter Syndrome”, where no matter how credentialed and successful you are, a fear washes over you as soon as you get up on that stage. Aizer provides tips on ways to overcome this fear and more. “A big moment when you go from being okay to being a really good public speaker, is when you can get rid of the idea that you’re chasing perfection. Set your foot on that stage and be okay without giving a perfect performance.” 

This and more with Aizer and Dr. Cook on this unique episode of the BioReset Podcast. 


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