A guest on Bee The Wellness, tune in to an intimate and real discussion with Dr. Cook on the topic of PTSD

Did you know that post-traumatic stress disorder occurs in more than three times as many physicians than in the general adult population, but certain physicians are more at risk?

Tune in as Dr. Cook “sits” with Vanessa and Adam from Bee The Wellness https://www.beethewellness.com/about/ and shares how his personal experience as an anesthesiologist and 15 years of studying integrative medicine has helped him evolve his practice to treat PTSD. “I think probably many anesthesiologists end up with low PTSD as a side effect of their profession, and I believe my profession oriented me toward this path and has taught me all of the skills I now use to help people get better.”

This episode shares how Ketamine & other PTSD treatments offered at BioReset Medical, are transforming patients to live a better, more resilient, wiser and more positive life.