Dr. Cook chats with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio: Part 1 March 18th 2020

Dr. Matthew Cook sat with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio on March 18th to share more on COVID-19 and to talk about all things viral.

Yes, viruses are contagious. Contagion is scary. Fear is stress inducing. Stress causes disease and reduces your body’s ability to fight viruses and infections. Change your thoughts, and your body will respond. Now more than ever, you need immunity, healing, and positivity. Learn about immune-boosting therapies and self-care tips from BioReset™ Medical. Listen in on this Podcast.

Dr. Cook compares this virus’ attack to our immune system to the “Bad Cop Bad Cop” movie scene from The Other Guys. Among those that are more at risk, the virus has the potential to cause a blow to the immune system and an enormous amount of inflammation that moves from the lungs to the rest of the body – with no “good cop” response in sight to balance it out. Listen in to a unique perspective from Dr. Cook and Jackee on this epidemic, how to deal with the stress in this situation and other interesting comparisons to how our bodies react to other conditions and more commonly known illnesses.

About Delic Radio:

Delic Radio is for the psychedelically curious. Jackee Stang invites leading experts in psychedelic news, science, and culture to speak with her on Delic Radio.


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