Dr. Cook: Everything you need to know about viruses right now!

Tune in to our 1st BioReset™ Podcast as Dr. Cook breaks down everything you need to know about viruses.

With 25 years of experience in researching the topic of virology, Dr. Cook relays the history of viruses and patterns we are experiencing, such as those dating back to the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak. He will highlight the symptoms that one might experience, cumulating in what could become a cytokine storm (a perfect storm the world of viruses).  Most importantly, he shares progressive strategies, medical treatments that might help cure the virus, as well as preventative remedies including a plethora of vitamins such as Curcumin, Querceti and probiotics.

Moreover, hear about BioReset™ Medical and Dr. Cook’s approach to addressing other complex illnesses and progressive treatments they employ, including Ozone and NAD+ therapies and treatments.   


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