Dr. Cook Roundtable Q&A Series: A Functional Medicine Approach to Treating Mold and Mycotoxins

In this informative Q & A webinar Dr. Cook gives a detailed description of both functional and regenerative medical strategies used to treat various conditions, including multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Cook identifies and treats the underlying factors contributing to the patient’s neurological symptoms. His protocols are personalized for each patient and are multimodal in nature addressing the physical, mental and emotional components. 

Here are links to information and resources that Dr. Cook mentions in this webinar. 

Ozone system for washing machines to eliminate mold:

Research study:
Effective Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury in Rowett Nude Rats with Stromal Vascular Fraction Transplantation, 2018


Mold and mycotoxin information from Dr. Andrew Campbell:

Tune in to this insightful discussion. 

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