Part 1: Dr. Cook chats with Dr. Matthew Dawson, an emergency medicine physician in Lexington, Kentucky: March 30, 2020

Dr. Dawson is on the front lines as an ER Doctor in Lexington and shares his perspective and protocols on all things Covid-19. He compares it to a war-time state emergency room situation. “It’s kind of a surreal situation and we are doing the best we can, including using one mask per shift, says Dr. Dawson.”

Tune in as Dr. Cook then discussed the benefits of Ozone Therapy with Dr. Dawson and addresses some of the most commonly asked questions as it relates to finding possible cures and treating symptoms of the Covid-19. “Ozone may have a killing effect on viruses and may also have an effect that makes viruses less able to infect us.” – Dr. Cook 

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