Part 1: Dr. Cook chats with Tony Wrighton as a guest on his Zestology Podcast (Recorded March 28, 2020)

Has this virus been around longer than we thought? “I had over 15 patients call me in January that they experienced having the worst flu in their life.”

Tune in as Dr. Cook shares his experience treating patients and recommendations on ways to improve our health and immune system. He lists out a few recommended wellness and drug strategies that can help modulate the immune system and avoid a “cytokine storm”. Some of these mentioned include: 

  • Zinc Lozenges‎
  • SBI Protect Capsules
  • Colostrum 
  • Quercetin 
  • Probiotics 
  • Mitochondrial VirusReset
  • Vitamin C & Lysine
  • Among others…  

 “This is the greatest experiment of our lives. Normally I would treat people and come back in a year and tell you what I learned. This whole thing is so accelerated that we’re going to figure it out quickly”, says Dr. Cook. 


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