Part 2: Dr. Cook Podcast chat with Dr. Helen Messier: March 27, 2020

Dr. Messier helps to explain how research typically is done under normal circumstances, compared to how it’s being done and published today around this virus epidemic. In other words, tread lightly. Typically scientists and physicians will do research in the lab, capture results and write up a medical paper that eventually gets published. However, before it’s published in a medical journal, there is a step that’s referred to as the “peer review process”. This is proper due diligence that is done in order to ensure findings are fairly sound and experts feel it’s suitable for publications. Today, under the current circumstances we find ourselves in, there is a crazy need for information and research, so the rules and the process of sharing this research isn’t as diligent. The media is reporting on these findings, despite there being a lack of a peer review process. This means that it could be unfounded and possibly incorrect, such as possible treatments for COVID-10. Tune in as Dr. Messier shares her perspective on this matter and other important considerations, as it relates to medical information that is shared during this period of uncertainty.


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