Part 3: Dr. Cook chats with Jackee Stang from Delic Radio: March 26 2020

In part 3 of Dr Cook and Jackee Stang’s (Delic Radio) fireside chat, they address the impact the Corona Virus pandemic is having (and will continue to have) on mental health. They equate the virus to its own depressive journey with a multitude of ups and downs and project how important it’s going to be to gather multiple opinions on the subject, mixed with scientific data, to find new ways to treat patients. Otherwise it just becomes another data point, with no context. Its that explorative and open approach to medicine that is going to speed up science and mental health treatment as a result of this. Dr. Cook goes on muse that 100’s of trials will be rushed through as a matter of pandemic urgency, meaning quasi legal treatments for depression like ‘ketamine’ become more mainstream. He goes on to say that there are early mentions of how it’s now legal to treat patients with ketamine via telemedicine. It’s possible to ship ketamine, have the patient take an oral dissolve and complete their ketamine treatment journey all via Zoom. As the fireside chat evolves, Dr. Cook and Jackee go on to discuss other mental health treatments that are not only therapeutic but help reset a patients physical pain and anxiety.  

“Even if these progressive treatments give me just a day, a week, maybe 2 weeks of hope then it’s worth it for me.” – Jackee Stang


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