Hear From Our Patients About How We Promote Natural Healing

Curious about what it’s like to become a BioReset® Medical patient? Hear directly from some of our patients about their experiences with BioReset Medical’s approach to promoting natural healing with therapies such as NAD+ treatment. Patients also share their successes and the reasons why they chose the BioReset Medical practice.

Healing from Lyme Disease

BioReset® Medical offers a comprehensive approach to supporting people suffering from Lyme disease and chronic pain. Instead of using antibiotics, which can ravage the microbiome, BioReset Medical uses ozone therapy and other natural approaches that are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

NAD+ Treatments

Ever wonder what NAD+ therapy is exactly? NAD+ is found naturally in the body, however, our levels go down as we age. Through NAD+ therapy, we can help patients with a variety of complex illnesses such as addiction, chronic illness, and depression. Watch this video to learn more about how it’s used, what a patient’s experience may be while undergoing treatment, and how it supports the body.

Treating Chronic Pain

Many of our patients have been suffering from chronic pain for years. Often the pain is debilitating, and despite having seen myriad doctors and having multiple surgeries, they have not gotten relief. They come to BioReset Medical feeling hopeless. But by utilizing biologics and IV therapies, our team can help patients heal themselves. Watch this video to hear first-hand experiences from some of our clients who came to us due to chronic pain and injury.

Ian’s Story

Ian was on disability for 18 years due to debilitating nerve pain. He had been seen by countless doctors and was increasingly let down by every failed treatment. He turned to BioReset® Medical, hoping our team could offer him some long-term relief from his pain. Dr. Cook treated him with minimally invasive therapies. Watch to find out how Ian is now.

Treating Depression & PTSD

Watch this video to learn about one of the ways BioReset Medical can help alleviate the symptoms related to depression and PTSD. By utilizing therapies such as a stellate ganglion block (or SGB), we can reset the fight or flight nervous system, essentially giving it a reboot.