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Vanguard of Functional Medicine

Led by innovative doctors, thought leaders, and teachers, we are constantly innovating and assessing what’s next in the field of functional medicine. Patients and fellow practitioners visit our state-of-the-art facilities from all around the world for advice, safe medical care, and the most advanced techniques that allow the body to heal itself in the most natural and non-invasive way possible.

As a concierge medical practice, we address a wide range of concerns, and we treat every patient who visits one of our clinics with the utmost personalized care. We believe that this is the first step toward healing. Our patients rely on our cutting-edge integrative approach to alleviate both physical and emotional ailments. We offer comprehensive solutions for many medical conditions, including complex and chronic immune disorders like Lyme disease, orthopedic issues, emotional challenges like PTSD, and much more.

We work towards helping the body to heal itself, naturally.


The BioReset Medical Approach

Non-invasive Procedures

We specialize in evaluating all non-surgical options, without the use of overly invasive procedures, to help your body heal itself naturally.

Leaders In The Field

As the preeminent physicians and thought leaders in functional medicine, we are at the forefront of what’s next in non-invasive, safe therapy options.

Concierge Medicine

We offer a highly personalized experience, creating a more comprehensive relationship than the traditional practitioner-patient association.

Systemic Approach

We address your body as one interconnected system, looking for the root of the problem rather than treating your symptoms in a vacuum.

“We consider our practices to be centers of innovation, where we merge cutting-edge, non-invasive treatment modalities applied by top practitioners with formative and compassionate patient-practice relationships. This is the BioReset Medical formula for inspiring whole-body healing.”

Conditions We Treat

BioReset Medical sets the standard for the safe application and utilization of the latest cutting-edge therapies designed to address a range of conditions, from anti-aging issues to complex, systemic illnesses.
This is by no means a comprehensive list, but includes some of the more common issues we address.
Autoimmune Diseases
Mycotoxin (Mold) Exposure
Lyme Disease & Associated Infections
Anti-Aging & Aesthetics
Neurocognitive Disorders & Diseases
Chronic Pain & Pain Management
Regenerative Orthopedics
Mental & Emotional Health
Chemical & Behavioral Addiction
BioReset Medical takes a highly personalized approach to treating patients. While two patients may present with the same issues, our practitioner’s treatment plan may differ between them, which reflects BioReset’s whole-person approach to healing.

A Growing Network of Visionary Practices

BioReset’s growing network of practices has expanded beyond its Silicon Valley location to include a new state-of-the-art facility in Palm Beach, Florida. Now, with locations on both coasts, BioReset Medical’s unmatched supportive services, therapies, and treatment modalities are available to patients across the country. As more practitioners meet BioReset’s exceptional standards of excellence in care, additional locations across the United States & abroad will be available for consultation and treatment.

For a more comprehensive list of available therapies or to speak with someone about how we can best address your health concerns, please contact us for a consultation. BioReset Medical also has an international arm that allows us to offer a wider variety of treatment modalities and healing methodologies to people across the world.
If you are seeking a consultation with a BioReset Medical practitioner, but you do not have a practice near you, we are happy to set up an initial consultation via the phone.
BioReset also has a BioReset® International practice, where we offer a broad menu of services and therapies that are available to patients at our facilities abroad.

The Amazing Benefits of NAD+ Injections

Find out what Dr. Cook has to say about NAD+ and its amazing benefits on the Integrative Warrior Show.

Meet Ian

Ian was on disability for 18 years due to debilitating nerve pain. He had been seen by countless doctors and was increasingly let down by every failed treatment. He turned to BioReset Medical, hoping our team could offer him some long-term relief from his pain. Dr. Cook treated him with minimally invasive therapies. Watch to find out how Ian is now.

Treatment Modalities

Ultrasound Guided Hydrodissection & Injection Therapies
Supplemental & Regenerative Regimens
IV Therapies
Peptide Protocols*
*Please note that Peptides cannot be shipped to CA and AL.
For a more comprehensive list of available integrative medicine therapies or to speak with someone about how we can best address your health concerns and needs, please contact us for a consultation. BioReset® is also a full service provider of the highest quality health and wellness optimization supplements through BioReset Health.
You may also visit our BioReset® International practice website, where we offer a wide range of minimally-invasive integrative medicine modalities for a broader scope of issues.

Concierge Medicine

We now offer concierge services, allowing patients to create an ongoing relationship with us, ensuring they can always receive best-in-class care whenever needed. Concierge medicine is the new frontier in the patient-practitioner relationship. It encourages patients to address blossoming physical and emotional issues before they become even more complex problems.

Our move to becoming a concierge practice is a natural progression in our efforts to build meaningful relationships with our patients. It allows us to fully embrace our vision of integrative medicine, in which we treat patients as a whole person, rather than just treating the specifics of what ails them. It is a mutually beneficial relationship that helps build trust and establish a long-term relationship of care.


Take Care of Your Health

Speak to BioReset Medical’s experienced team of specialists to understand how our personalized integrative medicine techniques can help you on your healing journey. Call us now: 650-888-7950