An Essential Resource for Practitioners

As leaders in the field of functional medicine, BioReset® Medical is dedicated to providing practitioners with opportunities and resources for continuing education, such as the latest information regarding a range of minimally invasive modalities like the expanding uses of peptide therapy.

BioReset® University

BioReset Medical’s educational arm, BioReset University, is a valuable resource for practitioners to expand their skills, learn best practices, and receive training from experts in the field. Our menu of classes is carefully curated and will continue to grow as new regenerative medicine modalities become available. The University’s faculty is led by BioReset University’s Co-Founder, Dr. Matthew Cook, who is highly skilled in the safe application of many emerging therapeutics. The University also serves as a place for practitioners and clinics to network with others in the industry.

Peptide Therapy & The International Peptide Academy

Founded by Dr. Matthew Cook and Jean-Francois Tremblay, The International Peptide Academy is a professional organization for practitioners concentrated around the current and developing uses of peptide therapy. The IPA was created to provide cutting-edge information, education, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities through events such as masterminds, webinars, conferences, and forums. If you or your clinic is interested in the expanding medical uses of peptide therapy, the IPA is a vital organization.

The BioReset Medical Podcast

In this educational and thought-provoking podcast, Dr. Cook shares his insights and experiences from his decades of treating patients. With incredible experience utilizing a variety of integrative strategies, as well as a remarkable amount of knowledge about medicine, science, healing, and biohacking, Dr. Cook has created a compelling podcast that covers a range of topics and features expert guests who share their unique perspectives on many advanced integrative approaches.

Take Care of Your Health

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